My Future Goals- Film and Games (University)

It’s been a while since I have written a blog post here, for that I apologise. What’s my excuse? I’ve been sorting out my future, or at least attempting to figure out what sort of future I envision myself having. But I guess we never really know where we envision ourselves being in ‘5 years time’, so instead we just have to focus on what makes us happy and what we feel most passionate about.

Which has brought me to university! I had a lot of doubts about university, mainly because of how ridiculously expensive it has become but the more I thought about spending 3 years immersing myself in what I’m passionate about, developing my skills and emerging my own styles, I knew that I wanted to go. I still have such a yearning to learn, a thirst for knowledge that hasn’t been quenched yet! Not to mention the wonderful, creative people that I have already started to meet along the way!

Left to right- Chloe Debonnaire, Nicole Harman-Smith, Natalie Hodgins, Connor Albinson, Billie Williams

Left to right- Chloe Debonnaire, Nicole Harman-Smith, Natalie Hodgins, me, Tarald Tvedt, Sugini Nageswaran, Billie Williams, Connor Albinson

But, what knowledge do I hope to achieve through my 3 years at university?

Originally I was studying Digital Film and Screen Arts, with a strong passion for film in a new-age sense. Living in a world where reaching out to the other side of the world is just a keyboard click away I see the film medium as the best way to reach out to these people, through websites such as YouTube or Twitch we can easily reach out to one another, influencing and connecting with others lives through a screen and hopefully having a positive impact on them. This is the kind of film that I have a passion for; it’s the social side, the interactive nature, the communication and impact that happens around the video itself.

However, since starting the course I began noticing that the interactivity that I so craved to learn and innovate with does not reside within the film industry already and so cannot be taught by a film-based course. As it’s not the professional quality that I’m looking to delve further into, it’s the impact that I can have on viewers and the community that I can create through offering a more interactive and immersive experience with my videos.

I love games. I’ve always loved games. They offer what films never have, a chance to become the starring role; to become truly immersed in the narrative by developing emotional attachments with the in-game characters and ultimately controlling the flow, or even nowadays, the outcome of the narrative itself.

lava monster

Painted in photoshop

So perhaps I’ve been following the wrong route and instead of trying to bring new interactive elements into the already well-established film industry, I could take what I so love about film and bring it with me on my journey through understanding and experimenting with the interactive and immersive elements that are offered to me within the gaming industry.

Plus, being able to create 3D worlds, draw 2D characters and put them all together using object oriented programming to tell an immersive narrative is pretty darn cool!

If you would like to follow my progression within this Computer Game Arts course then follow my university blog:


Beware: Digital Witch brewing Creative Concoctions!


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