Who am I?

I'm passionate about exploring the boundaries of storytelling mediums in this digital age. My high enthusiasm is fuelled by a need to create immersive and interactive content for a global audience, be that through growing a community online through live streamed content or using my technical understanding to come up with creative strategies to tell a story and engage an audience. I have a vision to bring the world together using the power of technology!

But one step at a time...

Short and Sweet

Growing up with a love of books, I've always had a way with words and an over-active imagination. It wasn't long until I felt the urge to create my own narratives. I taught myself to code, realising that Digital Media enables the audience to interact with my content, giving a whole new depth to the narrative that I can convey. From this I became a Front-End Developer in advertising agency, iris Worldwide, as well as one of the first Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists. I then graduated from a Computer Games Arts degree and am currently working as an Associate Tech Designer at Creative Assembly. I keeping myself busy, uploading content on my own YouTube channel, YagmanX. As of 2020, I'm also a proud TechWomen100 Award 2020 winner!


UE4 / Blueprints
80% Complete
Unity3D / C#
70% Complete
Premiere Pro
90% Complete
After Effects
50% Complete
50% Complete

Game Designer


Creative Writer

Social Media

My Alter Ego:

My YouTube channel reaches out to thousands of people across the world who offer instant feedback whenever I upload a weekly video. I’m constantly learning the best techniques on how to engage with my global audience as well as how to reach out to others online to learn from them.

Since starting this channel I have widened my reach, not only to viewers but to other professionals, including game developers, journalists and other content creators. I am able to learn new things every day from these talented people!

I like to share my knowledge in presentations to school pupils, getting them excited about coding, the benefits of YouTube and using online communities to your advantage, as well as how to be safe online.

Want me to present at your school or event? Get in touch!