Hi, I'm Yasmin!

I’m driven by creativity and inspired by technology. Some call me an enthusiastic storyteller, Game Designer, and often I'm known as a Content Creator. However, if I had to label myself it would be:

A Media Magician of Creative Concoctions!

Game Designer


Creative Writer

Social Media

PC Game

Perfection PC Game - Game Designer - Unity3D, C#

Interactive Video

Who Is Terror - Raspberry Pi Creative Tech Project


Short Film - Writer and Editor - Unreal Engine 4


Emoti - Visualising Emotions from the Twitterverse

Google Cardboard Game

Sleep Paralysis - Googe Cardboard Game - Game Designer - Unity3D, C#

360 Video

360 Video - 3D model- Maya, ZBrush and Quixel

My Alter Ego:

In the real world I'm known as a Game Designer and Social Videographer with a degree in Computer Game Arts. On the internet I'm known as a content creator, live streamer, presenter, musician, social media extraordinaire... Mixing and learning new skills constantly to entertain a global audience and set free my wacky ideas in the hope of making the world a better place!

Think 'Batman' but not as cool...