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Need Music?

For vocals, bespoke music, music videos, voice acting or other business enquiries please email:

Work With Me.

My Equipment / Studio Gear

  • Aston Spirit Microphone

  • Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface

  • Lindo Electro Acoustic Guitar

  • Luna Electro Acoustic Ukulele

  • Access to HoriZen Productions studio and Producer for mixing

  • Unreal Engine 5

  • Premiere Pro / After Effects

  • Canon 700D and 18-35mm Sigma Lens

I'm open to being flexible with payment based on client budget

My Music.

I can offer: Songwriting, Vocals, Produced Songs and Music Videos

I create original songs as well as music for films, games and other creative projects, sticking to an external brief. 

I offer Vocals and Songwriting from my own Home Studio, where I play Guitar and Ukulele.
Alternatively, I can also offer studio mixed songs by HoriZen Productions.
Styles of music I have created include:
Etherial, Dreamlike, Pop, Folk, Cinematic, Fantasy, Experimental.
I enjoy layering Harmonies throughout my songs in a Soprano pitch for a whimsical sound.

My background in Game Design and Videography enables me to create unique Music Videos for these if required.

Voice Acting.

I can also offer voice acting for Films, Games or other Creative Projects.

I have experience as a Narrator as well as some video game work where I recorded background chants for A Total War Saga: Troy. 

My voice style is most often Friendly, HonestCalming and Eloquent. however I can push these boundaries for the needs of the project.

“Yasmin's artistic talent brings visuals to life. She elevated my film with a captivating song that perfectly encapsulated its spirit. Yasmin also created a mesmerizing stop-motion music video."

Kai Creative, Filmmaker

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