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Forgive Me - Short Story

Project type

Creative Writing


July 2021


Nicky Gorov (artist)



I love writing and have been writing short stories ever since I can remember.

I decided to challenge myself by writing a short horror story in a second person perspective and this is the outcome.

"This nightmare begins in a town very much like your own. You can smell the welcoming scent of bacon that your neighbour is frying for their morning meal, hear the wind rustle through the leaves of trees aligning roads that lead to a distant mass of life, purr of engines and laughter of children, all living their day to day lives. You can see the silhouette of rooftops that encircle you as the sun begins to rise from the distance, leaving an auburn glow to beam upon the tiled bricks of your home’s walls as you feel the familiar chill of a winter morning. But as normal as this all sounds, an abnormal air lingers within this scene."

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