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Emoti - Art Installation

Project Type

Art / Code


May 2015


Web Developer, Sound Design


Twitter API, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Audio, Raspberry Pi, Laser Cutting


Milton De Paula (Developer), Katherine Hudson (Designer), Ian Black (Designer / Developer) Bawar Jalal (Developer), Elizabeth Corbin (Designer / Researcher)

Emoti shows the emotional state of the world through combined visual colours and audio, resulting in a beautifully chaotic representation of the emotional state of the world – or at least the twitterverse.

The Tech:
Twitter API- Pulls in live tweets from Twitter Widgets based on keywords from a multilingual database tailored to phrases and slang terms used on the network.

HTML/CSS/JavaScript- This data is used to animate different coloured divs (blocks) which are assigned to each emotion type on a webpage, creating a visualisation of the various emotions felt.

Audio- Conflicting audio tracks are assigned to each emotion and change volume intensity to reflect the data.

Raspberry Pi/HDMIPi- The webpage runs through a Raspberry Pi and displays on a HDMIPi.

Laser Cutting- Was used to create a rippling sculpture to represent the very same waves of emotion and conversation.

Emoti was born from the minds of both artistic and technical thinkers. It was created with the mindset that 'purpose' did not have to be a driving force; that technology can be used for purposes as artistic and visual as painting or film, with no use other than to simply be unique. This mindset allowed for complete creative freedom for both design and technology to merge together to form a new kind of art.

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