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Sweater EP - Original Music

Project type



June 2019


Premiere Pro, Photoshop


J.R Dunn (Director), Jacob J Rowley (Cinematographer), Luke Matthews (Camera Assistant), Jaime Aldous (Music Producer), Amy Bald (Moral Support), Jaxom Dunn (Ghost Actor)


Siinger-songwriter, Editor, Artist

I write music in my spare time. This is a wonderful creative outlet for me because I enjoy poetry, writing and singing.

Once I have created a song I will record an acoustic version and send it to my Music Producer (Jaime Aldous at HoriZen Productions) to help me produce it by adding more instruments and recording it within his studio.

The Sweater EP is filled with songs that I'm especially proud of. It is the first time I was able to get songs recorded in a professional environment and I also worked with students at PCA to create an official music video for its release (Director: J. R Dunn, Cinematographer: Jacob J Rowley and Camera Assistant: Luke Matthews)

I also released limited physical copies of the Sweater EP in sustainable packaging to send out over I hand painted each one to make them completely unique and created a booklet with lyrics and a special thank you note.

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