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Perfection - PC Game

Date: Jan 2019

Role: Game Designer, Writer, Programmer

Software: Unity3D, C#

Team: Tiffany Derbyshire (Concept Artist), Tabitha Beresford-Owen (Character Artist), Jaime Aldous (Music Producer)

Link: Perfection page

A first-person psychological horror game that taps into mankind's insecurities that we all share as human beings. This game will be personalised to each player by using back end data to keep a log of the players information as well as how they interact with the game world around them. This information will then change certain aspects of the game, making the experience more personalised and hopefully helping each person to realise aspects about their own personality. Data will be shown as a personality log at the end of the game for each person to see how the game judged them. This is the result of a third year Computer Game Arts game, showcasing a bigger idea of using games and back-end data, including social media, to create an immersive and thrilling game. This game was made by Yasmin Curren: Game Designer, Writer and Developer, Tiffany Derbyshire: Environment Artist, Tabitha Beresford-Owen: Character Artist, @MerrellFacets: Character Artist and Jaime Aldous at HoriZen Productions: Music Producer.

Optimising Perfection

In 2021 I spent time optimising this game using the knowledge I had learnt through my experience working in the game industry as a Technical Designer. I managed to improve the games performance from ~20 fps to over 60 fps. I shared what I learnt during this process online to help others on their journeys to create more performant games.

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