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We Feel It Too - Music Video

Date: 2022

Role: Musician, Song-Writer, Developer, Editor

Software: Unreal Engine 4, Premiere Pro

Team: Jaime Aldous (Music Producer), Braden May (Concept Artist)

Link: We Feel It Too - Music Video Link

This song was written and recorded during Lockdown and details my initial emotions when the world as we knew it started to turn upside down. I then produced it with Jaime Aldous at HoriZen Productions and ctreated the music video within Unreal Engine using models created by Braden May. Song made in collaboration with and produced by Jaime at HoriZen Productions: 3D Models by artist Braden May:

How to Make a Music Video using a Game Engine

Whenever I finish a personal project I like to disect what went well and what didn't. This helps me to reflect back on my own work, as well as make sure that I'm in the best position to learn more moving forward. My tutorial videos have been able to help many others online as well which is also a bonus!

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